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The man, The myth, The legend. Kenny Powers.
Kenny Powers, the man with an arm like a fucking cannon, mind like a scientist, and a cock like a burmese python.
by J-rock04071 April 05, 2010
The name of the main character on the HBO comedy series "Eastbound and Down", played by Danny McBride. Kenny Powers is an ex-baseball star that is trying to get back into the Majors while living with his brother and working as a physical education teacher.
Kenny Powers' autobiography "You're Fuckin Out, I'm Fuckin' In" goes on sale this March.
by Floydtibbs April 27, 2009
Kenny Powers is when a man pulls out during intercourse, ejaculates in his hand, and throws the ejaculate at the woman's face with great speed. Much like the pitching of Kenny Powers
Dude, last night I totally Kenny Powers'ed that chick.
by Ginger1990 April 11, 2012