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The most underrated center fielder in MLB history.
Career ~.300 hitter, 2000 hits, ~550 SBs, 1300 runs, 2 world series appearances, 6 time All-Star, 4 gold gloves, 5 time AL SB champ.
"Swing and a drive, left-center field, Lofton on a dead run. Still going back, still going back, OH WHAT A CATCH! WHAT A CATCH BY LOFTON! SHADES OF WILLIE MAYS, SAY 'HEY' IN DEED!"
by Mark April 18, 2005
42 19
MLB center fielder who is shared by all thirty major league teams.
So they're going to let the Phillies use Kenny Lofton this year, eh?
by Diggity Monkeez February 28, 2005
22 15
A girl who has had sex with more guys than Kenny Lofton has played teams
Guy #1: Have you met that Tammy girl? She's slept with a lot of guys
Guy #2: Yeah she's a real Kenny Lofton
by DCHIII October 24, 2007
12 9