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Keni is a strong, confident and intelligent woman. She is often misunderstood but those who really know her adore her.
Keni is superwoman.
by Christmas Bride February 03, 2010
Keni is a very odd and awkward person although she is fun to talk to and hang out with! She's gorgeous, beautiful, and has very attractive eyes. She'll be there for you in your toughest times and will never let you down! You will end up being best friends with her and you won't ever regret it!! She is usually very talkative so if you see you sad and shy then you know that somthing is wrong. She'll make you laugh in every single conversation you have with her. And for the boys you might have some compitetion 'cause this gurl attracts plenty of boys so watch out. FYI SHE IS AWESOME
I wish I was keni
by Keni's bff September 15, 2013

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