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A wooden skill toy that consists of three cups, a spike, a wooden ball with a hole, and a string (the string connects the ball and the ken). The ken is the handle part of the toy. The tama is the ball part of the toy. It is an extremely fun and addicting game that builds patience, determination, and hand-eye coordination. There are hundreds of possible tricks and lots of room for creativity. Some of the well known players in the kendama community are: Chaz Edwards, Alex Smith, Li Ho Cheung, Colin Sander, Turner Thorne, Zack Yourd, Daniel Robinson, Keith Matsumura, Christian Fraser, William Penniman, Alex Ruisch, and many more. Kendama is a great way to have fun and meet new people. Some safe sites to purchase a kendama from are: SweetsKendamas, KendamaUSA, KendamaCo, Momma Kendama, and Terra Kendama. If you haven't heard of a kendama, look it up on YouTube. Kendamas are awesome!
(Guy 1) Did you see Chaz Edwards' new edit? The tricks were epic! Lots of creativity!
(Guy 2) Ya! I'm still waiting for Turner Thorne's new edit.
(Guy 1) I love kendama.
by FP24 September 17, 2012
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Kendama is the best game invented early in history by japanese people, intended for training their reflexes for hunting. Re-invented later on as a toy, it became popular in japan. In the very early 21st century, american skaters went to japan and played it for the first time. This is what caused the westward expansion of "dama" to the US. There are 2 popular associations that support kendama, and those are the Japanese Kendama Association and European Kendama Association. Kendama USA is the website for the american national kendama team.
#1 "Kendama is so boss! I love it!"

"Nice, I can land lunar now!"

#2 "Have you seen Colin Sander's new kendama edit?"

"No, but Turner Thorne and Zach Yourd are my fave!"

#3 "I just ordered my new sunrise kendama!"

"Ew, I only use Oozoras."
by xCzka July 05, 2011
a lame ball and stick game embrased by d-bags that all want to have sexy time with each other. Resembling public masterbation.
Dude, chris has a kendama and i want to blow him, so i shall buy one.
by the guy siting next to you October 18, 2010

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