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1) A meek or mild mannered man; a wuss, acting like you have no balls; no guts; no spine.
2) A poorly hung male remenicent of a Ken doll.
3) A male, overly attactive or primped, superficial, possibly straight, gay, bi or metrosexual. Also remenicent of a Ken Doll.
1) Clay is such a wuss that he never takes any risks or stands up for himself. What a Ken Doll.
Howard Stern admits he's hung like a Ken Doll
3) David Hasslehoff is an over the hill Ken Doll.
by Tenacious Faulker February 06, 2009
The way that a nude painting is painted in that the subject has no genitalia.
Refers to the fact that the Ken doll is not anatomically correct.
You can paint a nude portrait of me, as long as you don't give me the Ken Doll.
by jonterry4 March 06, 2007
A stupid toy that is married to barbie and has a tiny crotch. it's dumb and serves no use to society
ken duthie: hey i look like a ken doll!

other guy: yes, yes you do
by Trolololol1234 May 16, 2011
An extremely handsome man, who upon closer inspection is determined to be superficial, and shallow or "plastic" as well as having significantly smaller than normal or virtually nonexistent (male)genitalia.
Alice: Hey, how was the date with the Cop?

Jenny: Awful. Total Ken Doll. Don't waste the pretty, baby.
by BrnEyes May 19, 2005
Overly orange tool that works at the gym. Uses an entire bottle of gel in his hair each morning and has no sense of humor. He makes triple digits and the gym is his life. He pretty much runs the joint... he just has to double check with his manager before he makes any major decisions.
Ken doll your fake tan is blinding me.
by fxy February 04, 2010
Where the pelvic muscles meet with the hip and the thigh muscles. Which may appear as a bulge or cut because of definition of the muscle as shown on a ken doll.
I love when a man has well defined abs. However, the sexiest thing on a man is those ken dolls that cut right below his abs.
by Apr1l December 05, 2007
Shrinkage of the male genitalia do to cold water or a fearful situation. Such intense shrinkage occurs that the package resembles that of a Ken doll.
That ice bath lowered my fever, but it also gave me a kendoll.
by The VelvetStodd November 30, 2006
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