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(Duh-n'yell-Pout-rrr) n: a redundant product of Canada's continuing contribution - along with Nickelback and Avril Lavigne - to mediocre, market-determined, manufactured musical merde for the masses. If mind-numbing prescription drugs were made mandatory by totalitarian governments to keep its citizens regularly pacified it would be in the audio form of this "musician". If Dr. Phil wrote songs they would take the lyrical form of this "artist's" album(s). Like Maroon 5 and James Blunt, Daniel Powter goes to show that after 9/11 there seems to never be enough watered-down maudlin pop to reassure emotional secretaries and soccer moms in North America.
Everytime I hear that Daniel Powter song I'm guaranteed to have a "bad day"--starting from those notes that I've heard before in "Easy" by The Commodores/Faith No More. I wish the receptionist at my place of work would learn to like better music - or MORE music, since her favourite radio station plays Daniel Powter and other derivative, unoriginal pop acts every hour on the hour! I don't need some guy telling me what's wrong with me when he feels like a million bucks and I'm feeling like shit at that moment; I'll turn on afternoon TV if I want that, not listen to some hoser who looks like that white rapper of (1990s) "Informer" infamy!
by Boodmanarisin April 21, 2006
The process of building up individuals into despised or detested members of society so that members of the majority - who claim to be oppressed - can lay blame on a scapegoat. Usually is delivered against persons unable to defend themselves alone (loners, free-thinkers, new arrivals, disabled, etc.) and after such a label is applied retribution is sure to follow.
1. The young man's family began to suspect he was gay since he never had a successful relationship that would lead to marriage; at the summer picnic his cousins attacked him in a drunken-induced rage.

2. After rejecting another man's affections, rumours spread around town suggesting the young woman was a lesbian and was soon greeted with profanities.

3. He was always shy throughout his life and never knew how to approach the ladies. His minister warned him if he didn't get married he'd be living in sin and spend eternity in the company of the devil. One night he walked into a bar and hours later was beaten to death with pool cues.
by Boodmanarisin August 10, 2005
A euphemistic phrase uttered by single, middle-aged men who have little to no sexual experience beyond collecting action figures or listening to over-the-top '80s prog-rock supergroups.
In order to further crack down on indecency (as determined by ultra-rightwing geriatric conservative moralistic citizens feeling superior to every other human being on Earth) the FCC will not "bleep" out bad words like "fuck", "shit", "asshole", "cocksucker", "Kelly Clarkson" or other vile derivatives. Instead the high-pitched monotone chime will be replaced with a hyper-excited 5 year-old exclaiming such profound remarks as, "BUSH IS THE GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER!!!", "DUBYA IS A GENIUS!!!", "EVERYONE MUST LOVE THE PRESIDENT" or "WAL MART IS THE FIRST, LAST AND ONLY PLACE TO BUY GREAT MUSIC AND MOVIES - IT'S ALL GOOD!".
by Boodmanarisin August 18, 2005

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