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A Nigerian name meaning (thank God) a child that brings blessing and success or happiness to their parents. also can be unisex. amazing people and personalities, very well spoken and smart people
Kelechi's are very beautiful, handsome, talented, hot, smart, very funny and sensitive people.
They can be outgoing, loud, trust worthy and extremely energetic, strong, sweet, darling, out spoken people.
girls who are named Kelechi are very beautiful, very great bodies, big booty and have a very great smile. they can be annoying but they are very fun to be around with.
(you can't start an event without a Kelechi around)
BEST girlfriend/boyfriends. (If you know a Kelechi keep that person) that person will change your life in a very positive way forever. they are very fun to be around with.
by chizo April 26, 2013