Top Definition
1) the most amazing person you could ever meet
2) a wonderful boyfriend
3) a great listener
4) someone who wouldnt judge you
5) someone you wouldnt be able to ever let go physically and emotionally
6) my best friend
if i didnt have Kekai in my life waking up wouldnt even be worth it
#kekai #boyfriend #love #amazing #wonderful
by Y_T September 27, 2008
1) Somebody who gets gayed on a daily basis.
2) Frog fuckin mother fucker.
3) #1 hawaian
1- Nigga you a kekai.
2- You sick kekai!
3- Yo bitch im the mother fuckin kekai!
#kek #kekai #frog #gayed #hawaian
by B. Gild July 29, 2007
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