A popular country singer. Has very many fans. Only one thing that doesn't make too much sense: He is from Australia, not the Southern U.S. like most sountry performers.
I hate all those southern country singers.
What about Keith Urban? He's from down under.
by TRIzzzo April 12, 2006
Top Definition
Very good looking country singer
Keith is a stud
by Marie November 17, 2003
Keith Urban is an incredibly attractive country singer. Otherwise known as, a sex God.
Keith Urban. Is a sex God.
by RAAWR13 March 13, 2011
A very talented Australian country singer, that appeared on the scene of country music in the early 1990's and he made it big with his single, 'Your Everything,' on his self-titled solo album. After, breaking up with his 3-man group named, 'The Ranch.'

He has now, won numerous awards and is loved by not only for his electrifing guitar solos, but by his awesomely, hunky great looks. Which, had made him a sex symbol, for many people's eyes.

With, his newer album, 'Be Here,' it has be ceritified triple platinium with over a million album sales. He has made statements that he will start working on a new album in the middle of Feburary of the year 2006.
Keith Urban has been a sex symbol for his accent, personality, as well as good looks!
by KeithUrban'sGirl January 30, 2006
keith is a very talented and attractive country rock singer! he is amazing on the guitar, has an awesome dance, and a great body! he is also funny, up beat, and really gets into and enjoys what he does.
"Keith Urban is my new hero!"
by DQIT and WIAAN April 30, 2005
A country singer from austrailia. Austrailia. He is mediocre at best. I wonder which A&R's penis he had to blow to get a record deal. Stop reading this and losen to some real country music, back when it was about true emotion and honesty. Go listen to hank williams, i urge you now.
Keith urban and all modern country stars are fakes.
by gfd August 30, 2005

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