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Originally created as The Summer Kegbash, Keg Bash was a series of large field parties in Middle Tennessee beginning in 2007 and ending in 2010. Kegbash was funded initially by an enourmous busch beer can collection cashed in at the height of metal prices to fund the purchase of 10 kegs, DJ, and location rental. Subsequent income was produced by a $10 entrance fee with color coded wristbands designating over and under the age of 21. In its prime, Kegbash mixed the elements of a traditional field party with bar quantity drinking and a rowdy club atmosphere to produce pure pandamonium. In addition to large quantities of kegs, mixed drinks and concoctions such as the popular do it fluid and raderade were provided in mass quantity. While Keg Bash did not have a dedicated location, it did develope a rather loyal trashy following becoming notorious for the inevitable wet t-shirt contest, keg stand competition, and ultimately intervention by local authorities. Winter Kegbash 2009 stands alone as the only Keg Bash to not end in a rampage or police intervention while holding the record for attendees with 612 people consuming 11 kegs in less than 3 hours.

While there never was a formal ending to Keg Bash, it was generally accepted that after Tommy Mcthrowdown was arrested when he bumped a police cruiser with six open kegs in his vehicle, it was better to burn out then fade away.
Are you going to Keg Bash tonight?
-Yeah, but how many kegs are gonna be there?
Fifteen of the finest Busch beer and King Kobra kegs known to man.
by Donny mallox December 13, 2010
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