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A wet T-shirt contest is a contest where women, e.g. young college girls during spring break, are encouraged to wear a white or light-colored T-shirt without a bra. The women usually dance on a stage while being sprayed with water, which makes their T-shirts semi-transparent. Often, ice water will be used for this purpose in order to cause erect nipples, probably in order to simulate sexual arousal. Sometimes they will remove their clothing, appearing topless or even totally naked.
That wet t-shirt contest was tottally awesome!
by Wet T-shirt Lover July 18, 2005
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Event in which young ladies, one or two of whom are moderately attractive, bare their breasts and bottoms and simulate intercourse for the pleasure of a few dozen to a few dozens drunken rednecks. Frequently regretted by the particpants when their perverse fathers happen across pictures of his baby girl's soaked funbags on Participation in one of these events indicates a future spent in a home that is parked rather than built.
Age 19: I totally fucking shoulda won that wet t-shirt contest last night.

Age 35: Sweetie, help mommy find her G-string and stilletto heels. I'm late for work.
by Goatlick April 26, 2003
one of the best things you can get for free - young, barely legal girls (usually) wear thin wifebeaters and get drenched in cold, cold water. usually helped with large buckets or hoses.
by hitler July 08, 2003
A contest that young women wear white or light- colored T-shirts without anything underneath and get sprayed on their chest with water making their T-shirts see-through and nipples visible.
Girl 1: Aye, have you ever won a wet T-shirt contest?
Girl 2: Yah!, it was the best thing I ever did!
by booboobearlalalaaa January 24, 2014
a contest in which a few selective hot ladies with very large tits
"hey man i heard bobb's hostin a wet t-shirt contest! he's inviting all of the hoes and babes from the hood!"
by bobb February 06, 2003

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