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Keep up the good work.

Coined by television anchor Ernie Anastos during a live broadcast of the Fox 5 New York local news. (See videos on YouTube.)
News anchor to weatherman: "Great forecast. Keep fucking that chicken."
by Karl721 September 17, 2009
"Keep fucking that chicken" (KFTC) is a phrase coined by television anchor Ernie Anastos during a live broadcast of the Fox 5 New York local news. It is presumably a phrase of encouragement similar to keep on truckin, only with a more pronounced and colorful air of defiance.

The chicken being fucked may be an actual chicken, could be pejorative slang for a woman (i.e. chickenhead), or some other metaphor for an object of desire or enjoyable activity. In any case, KFTC seems to be a gesture of support to the recipient to continue doing whatever it is that they're doing, despite what others may say, so long as it makes them happy.
Adam: I could be making more money at another job, but I like the work I'm doing now.

Bob: Whatever, keep fucking that chicken.
by CleffedUp September 19, 2009
It's what you say to a meteorologist after they announce the forecast.

Or in any and all situations ever.
"It takes a tough man to make a tender forecast"
"I guess that's me"
"Keep fucking that chicken"
by dmcleod September 18, 2009
Basically a much funnier synonym for "Keep on keepin' on." It's what you say when someone tells you how they're struggling with something.
Ernie: It takes a tough man to make a tender forecast, Dick.

Dick: I guess that's me...

Ernie: Keep fucking that chicken.

Dari: *googly eyes*
by Murderface September 17, 2009
Expression, 21th century American English

1) An expression o encourage one to continue with an undesirable or menial task.
Steve: I have ton of paperwork to do.

Ernie: Keep fucking that chicken.
by charles chicken September 18, 2009
A phrase that can be used as a reply or advice in a variety of conversations, usually as encouragement (Keep up the good work, etc.) but also can also be defined as unproductive activity (fucking the dog, etc.) Can be used metaphorically or in the literal sense. Considered vulgar. Coined by news anchor Ernie Anastos of New York's Fox 5 network in a segue during a live newscast on September 16th, 2009.
My grandfather always used to say "keep fucking that chicken, boy!" and I really didn't know what he meant so I just rolled with it.


Ernie: "It takes a tough man to make a tender forecast, Nick."
Nick Gregory: "Well, I guess that's me!"
Ernie: "Keep fucking that chicken."
by bktscrambler September 17, 2009
To stay the course.
Bush: "We need to stay the course in Iraq."
Cheney: "Keep fucking that chicken."
by bangoskank October 09, 2009
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