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The last name for a gorgeous person.
Did you see that girl? Her last name must be Keeney!
by caityr101 November 30, 2009
36 6
One who is receptive to the advances of a cougar
Can you believe that keeney? He brought back a 38 year old to his parents house last night.
by Vanderdrift August 06, 2009
18 10
A know-it-all vegetarian with a slight lisp. Keeneys are so dedicated to obscure facts, and showing other people they know those facts, they'll often they'll often on solo fact-giving missions, even at usually social fact-based events like pub quizes
- "I dethided to go to a local pub quiz to make thome new friendth. I ordered thome vegetarian nachoth to thare with people. Everyone wath already on a team tho I had to do it by mythelf. I won though."

- Dude! you're such keeney
by Sharktopod December 09, 2010
3 12