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Prettiest girl you will ever meet. Always up for a good time, but she puts her goals first; if she needs to study instead of drinking she will. That's wht makes her so great because once she finally does go out, it's worth it. She's so much fun and is not egocentric at all. She has beautiful eyes and the kindest smile and will make you feel good about yourself. Even if you want to just watch a movie or play a game, she's there. She is there for her friends and has a humour that is hard to find. She's helpful when giving advice and can calm you down if you're stressed. She has great style, isn't afraid to relax and let her hair down. She's extremely driven and is very positive. When you find a Keelia do't let her go! She will introduce you to her love of cats, good alcoholic beverages, and is always honest with you. If you meet a Keelia, your life will get dramatically better. You will never be the same!
"Yo can I holla at yo girl Keelia?"

"F**k that, she's all mine. Good luck finding one of your own."

"You guys are idiots, Keelia doesn't belong to anyone.. she's so independent you'd be hitting high scores if you even got her number."
by thenewthrill January 28, 2013
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