To be really cool. To be f'n awesome!
Cough, cough, this shit's keel!
by Hunk Bergundy August 20, 2007
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How Ren pronounces 'Kill'
Steempy I weel keel you!
by Bastardized Bottomburp July 20, 2003
A person with an egg head or bald
Look at that Keel over there
Check that proper Keel
He's got a proper Keel head
Keel! Keel! Egg Head! (Chant)
by Keel egg head Parker March 14, 2013
too fall foward
i dont know she tryna sleep sittin up she bout ta keel ova out that chair
by slim lil sexi one April 01, 2004
process of determination, to dispurse into the unknown, die. Known only to germ cells.
that germ cell wanted to keel gone thanks to lysol and cleanex.
by europopian April 24, 2009
one of the gentlemen. usually the life of the schlan party. the one not outside rolling around in the mud. usually the one getting the most schwasted.
Dude! How are we supposed to have a successful Schlan Party with no Keels?

Keels is to the gentlemen, as rope is to jump rope.
by Mr. Keels February 16, 2007
KEEL is how towl heads say KILL
"Silence!, I Keel You!"
by ladyphilosophy December 01, 2012
to kill or not to kill someone (like saying 'i'll kill you' but not actually meaning that, jokes- to be used when the user is pissed off but not exactly in rage-mode), and synonym for 'pwn' or 'slay.'
Shithi: ik ur secret. U should be very ashamed of yourself. I never thought you would do THAT!!!
Nora: ima keel chu
by C0ok3Y_S13Nd3R June 29, 2015

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