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The term for a child conceived in the corner of a local kebab house at 2am on a saturday night. Nature of child depends on type of kebab ordered.
You're no fucking child of mine donna, you've always been a filthy kebaby like your mother
by This is England Mick October 07, 2010
kebabys are people that are of wog and middle eastern background. they are fans of kebabs and hangs in big gangs and roll. they usu have girlfriends that are lowies. they eat hungry jacks or oportos. if u mess with one of them you get your ass shoot by an AK47 or they get their whole connections with them and bash you. they are hot and dangerous.
"Fuck bro. The kebabys are bashing the white guy."

"Look at the kebabys outside the kebab store"
by sekzdoll April 13, 2007
A term used to describe the offspring of a kebab enjoying person from Birmingham.
"I want a Kebaby" (In a Brummie accent).
by Dan Man December 03, 2005

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