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Basically the most beautiful girl you could ever set eyes on.Her hawaiian beauty tells all you need to know about her.When she moves its mesmorizing, when she looks at you melt, when she touches you go week and when she smiles you go crazy.She's intellegent and funny sometimes even if her jokes aren't good you laugh anyway because you admire her effort. This girl isn't easy though and you have to work your way up to get to her level but trust me friends its all worth while.
"Happiest day of my life is when I finally marry Keala"
by Her man:) January 09, 2012
A girl that is more addictive than heroin and meth. This bitch is the shhhiittt. She is hawaiian and can fucking surf like a boss. She parties harder than anbody i know and is funny as hell. She loves J cole for some fucking reason.? And thinks lady gaga and addele is gay as fuck. She is my best friend so thats why i made this, and because there is some other bitch up there with the same name as you but she likes fucking star wars and shit.!
o shit that bitch keala is amazing

who keala? yeah that girl is sexy
by Her best fucking friend December 30, 2011
1. A little girl who is such a beautiful fun spirited person.
2. rhymes with koala.
3. crazy personality, witty woman.
4. fear of fright fest; obsessed with harry potter.
Keala: "When no one's looking, Kala BLOWS!!!"
by tweedle dum November 14, 2006
the most meanest, plastic, flirt you'll meet. she'll talk behind your back and spread rumors about you and tell her mother all the things she did to you but tell her that you did it. she'll flirt with every single guy you like and claim she doesn't. She'll be bestfriends with someone she talks bad about.
Scene 1
person #1: i like "bob"

Keala: ok.

scene 2.
Keala: omg bob you are so cute and hot and sexy
Bob: i know.
Keala: i like you, don't tell (person number 1)
Bob: k.
by Adelaide from Luisianna February 17, 2012

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