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one who is the shiznatical.. and yes shiznatical is a word
don't go to infinity and beyond.. try bed bath and beyond ;)
by snoop leigh January 23, 2004
An asshole, mainly of the canine variety. Often seen committing random acts of fuckery. Acts hood, but is really a pussy. Scared of vacuums, Swiffers, and other small household appliances.
That asshole K-dog ate the crunchy bits off of my Chic-Fil-A biscuit! What an asshole!
by e92 August 10, 2014
Originates from the name " Kira" which in turn translates to "princess wonderful". Any kdog you meet will literally bring dah boys out. But their is only one kdog cause Shes one of a kind. She also doesn't Fuck around with ratchet bitch ass gyuri people. Any people that question her, she'll dance on peoples heads with her pair of red heels. She is thirsty for Niels D.......lightful personality ;D ~~~~ No but seriously she will cut your hair off and wear it for Mardi gras 2014.
Bystanders: Whoa !! THT gyuri Bitch just got kdogged 0:

Gyuri: OMG wow Im a goddess !!
Kdog: Fuck off mole. Go die in a hole !!
by johyun April 16, 2013
an asshole that has sex with sluts while dating you
dude, k slept with a while he was dating her! he pulled a total k dog!
by @nonym0u$ February 14, 2008
A mine sniffing dolphin who works for the Navy. A dolphin with a stupid camera on it's fin who looks for mines.
That K-dog can sure find mines!
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