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A mixture of okay and then. A fast snippy was to say "okay then..." Useful in situations when you don't know what to say, people are being assholes, or you have no other response.
Jack- "Wanna hang out"
Keri- "No"
Jack- "kden"
by Kden master August 03, 2013
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A guy that really likes to be annoying, and looks some what good
When kden takes his sweater off he is ready to fight!
by skitcap123 July 31, 2016
The Denver International airport. NOT an acronym for 'ok, then'!
I'm flying to KDEN from KCVG.
by Ipwnurmom221 June 27, 2010
Just a way to say "alright then" in a lazy way created by the sexy dom vanner.
Stuart: Hey dude lets go watch a movie or something?
Me: kden..

by Dominic Vanner October 24, 2005
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