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A "Pale Goddess". A Kayla usually has flowing dark hair and rich brown eyes. A Kayla is perfectly proportioned, not one aspect too large or too small. The Kayla is artistic, enjoys metal, and has an intelligence of superior. (However, it does not even compare to an Alec) The Kayla is beautiful, creatingeenvy and temptation in everyone's hearts. The Kayla may have self doubt at times, but it gets quickly replaced with compassion for the Kayla's friends. If YOU are a Kayla/ friends with one, you are one of the more lucky people in the world.
*Person 1* Oh my god, that chick over there, is such a Kayla!

*Person 2* Dude, you should ask her out!

*Person 1* Do I look like an Alec to you?

*Person 2* Hmmm... You're right. You are an Edwin at best.
by Quickdren April 26, 2013
11 28
A wonderful girl who is very humorous and silly. She laughs at everything with her best friend Jackie. She is athletic, funny, and has a good body. She has a lot cut out for her and I think she has a great future coming up. I love Kayla!
My Best Frann
by Javoro December 27, 2010
25 56
A dirty , ugly , lying whore that only wants destroy people friendships and lives. She acts like the sweetest thing , for a while. Then trashes your life.
Girl #1 : Hey , see that girl Kayla over there ?
Girl #2 : Yes . Of course .
Girl #1 : She's a bitch thats the reason im not friends with Cailah anymore.
Girl #2 : Omg.. really ?!
by blehbleh1234 August 13, 2011
52 87
kayla is a bad ass good girl that alot of guys want even though she plays hard to get she is skanky just like her best friend bella And she is an amazing friend and no one can be like her including that girl that schrunches her noes and eyes when she smiles anyway kayla is hot chick that loves Bella and that will be bffs for life
yo, bro why would you brake up with kayla shes got it alll, dumbass!!!!!!
by Gabriela <3 September 12, 2011
10 49
A girl who is tall and a cam-whore. She is funny and does stupid stuff all the time! Kayla is a girl "not made for survival!"
Why is Kayla being a spaz?
by 00010101000010011110110011 January 06, 2012
8 59
This Girl , Who Deserves WAY better than a failure. She Is Super pretty & 100% R E A L !

No one likes her because she is fucking annoying C:

IJK , We Love Her

Wait NO


Actually Yes I Am C:

Embh C:

Smdh (:

hehe C:

~ Megan :O
Kayla Is A Fucking Whore Face C:
^ Again I J K (:
by This MotherFucking Kid C: September 17, 2011
4 62
a gorgeous gal with flaming red hair. she has incredible eyes. everybody loves her, and the people who dont know her envy her. her friends would do anything for her but she usually handles things herself. she does things she normally wouldnt do to impress people or so people wont think of her as a child. non the less, she is always chosen first out of all her friends and is an amazing person to hang out with.
friend 1: wow Kayla is hanging out with those sketchy people and doing bad things.

friend 2: dont worry Ill keep an eye on her. she'll do anything to feel accepted
by carebearninjas April 18, 2010
30 98
The most awesome, innocent, chaste, and pure girl you will ever meet. Loves cats and hates mashed potato!
Wow she looks so pure, must be a Kayla
by Jesus C June 12, 2008
412 494