Meaning okay that was gay... KAY
mainly used it computer games when a newb gets a cheap kill

used when someone does something stupid or immature
person 1 "haha i killed you with a wrench"
person 2 "kay"
person 3 "thats cause i weakened him idiot"
#kay #gay #okay #tfc #computer #video game
by FeX January 05, 2007
A spindly girl who does not appreciate the use of good grammar or suitable adjectives: - thus - people urinate in her sauna.
Kay - sly
#kay #bloomfield #adjectives #sly #urinate #sauna
by slyslothz December 23, 2009
- an ugly girl from the bahamas
- a fast girl who loves video cameras
- a girl who attends Kingsway Academy
- a girl with a pickle fetish
- a girl who's favorite company is namek
"This big green pickle is so tasty"
"i love namek so much, i even videotaped myself saying it"
"Kay: he was texting..."
#kay #skype #bahamas #petty #lilly
by RealTalk;SkypePetals November 22, 2009
A kay is a person that is a female dog. No one likes her. she usually spreads rumours about others to make herself look good or she is very annoying. No one likes to be around k's and they are very distributive.
"She said that?"
"Yeah, she did"
"wow, what a kay"
#dogs #teenagers #goga #people #annoying
by Gogagirls January 04, 2010
Term for the outer glutimus maximus or ass.
Derived from the shorthand version 'ay' as a reference to violent entry.
"I'm kicking your kay!"
"I'll do you up the kay!"
by Dominic June 04, 2004
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