Short for "Okay".
1: Do you want to go to the dance this Thursday?
2: Kays
1: Awesome! See you then!
by SuperNinjaMan May 27, 2010
A severely repressed individual whose naivete carries with it such an immense psychological weight that it threatens to collapse in on itself and destroy the known universe.
Me: Man, that girl last night was a total kay.

Friend: I know, it's like she was raised by aliens!
by dtfh December 19, 2012
Sadly, a fictional charater...
from the book Devil's Kiss :)
Kay is an orphan AND an oracle!

White blonde hair, pale skin and gorgeous smile, he is simply the best book character ever! He is sweet, funny and can read minds.

Unfortunately he dies in the end of the book, due to sacrificing himself to save everyone from the Dark Angel, Michael.

Kay doesn't sparkle, doens't fight or even have a last name... but goes down in awesome guy history :)
For some reason the character from Devil's Kiss -Kay, is unheard of to many people. Their loss
by natalie sthoup August 06, 2010
Word that I (Lysseh) use to mean 'Okay, I don't give a fuck about what you're talking about.'

See also kaybye.
Person: My life sucks. I want to kill myself tonight because my love just moved 30 miles away, and my dad wants me to clean the house.
Lysseh: kay. -walks away-
by Lysseh December 23, 2005
A thousand, as in K. Used to describe a defined quantity of items. Short for kilo when referring to weight.
I'll pay another kay
by Mary of Texas March 14, 2008
a jewlery shop in the Warwick Mall and Smithfield Commons
Every kiss begins with shit gay ass!!! K i s s
by bananaduck December 29, 2003
A irish name for a boy

Though smaller they incredibly handsome

it is gender neutral and in the US is more common to see girls with this name

They are very cute and often mistaken for teenage gay guys

They might not have the biggest out of every guy but they are better in bed then everyone
his name is kay he is amazing
by tromboneninja January 24, 2010
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