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1. (kaviar)Poop eaten for sexual gratification.

2. (Kaviar)An Album of the same name by dead artist Songwriter Kevin Gilbert that is astonishing. Finished post mortem it is one of the best alltime techo-prog rock albums, if you like his dark and twisted stuff.
I bought the album and it was terrific, but i didnt know what KAVIAR meant... til I saw it on German television. ewwwwwwwww!!!
by monkiki March 27, 2005
eating very high-quality poop from a woman. this act is so fucking perverse I can't believe I love it but I do!
Today i got a phone call from this girl at school who told me she was having a kaviar party tonight and wanted me to come.
by logman February 25, 2004
Scat, especially when used in a sexual context.
I just downloaded a hot kaviar video!
by Doc Sigma November 29, 2003
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