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A beautiful woman with a delicious soft ass has her anus inches from a male's face and starts to defecate in a waiting male mouth which causes the male to ejaculate, feeling satisfied of smelling and tasting a woman's shit.
"last night, I was at my girlfriends house with her sister watching tv and the girls complained that their stomachs were hurting from the meal they ate so they had to use the bathroom but the toilet was broken so they both looked at me and asked would you mind if we give brown showers until the toilet works?
by logman February 25, 2004
eating very high-quality poop from a woman. this act is so fucking perverse I can't believe I love it but I do!
Today i got a phone call from this girl at school who told me she was having a kaviar party tonight and wanted me to come.
by logman February 25, 2004
a scent that feels and smell so intoxicating that you want more it's like aromatherapy.
"I want another order of a juicy fart in my mouth"
by logman February 25, 2004
when you love to feel the smell of a fart from a female
I told cindy that her farts smell like women's perfume
by logman February 25, 2004

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