katie price is a legend.I love her to pieces , she is a great mum to her kids . and even though alot of people critisce her and blame her for pete and katies split , it was both of their faults not just hers.I really admire her , and the couple and love their tv show ive also read all her books , I really hope they get back together soon , I feel sorry for the kids xxx
by Louiiseeeey ♥ July 08, 2009
Top Definition
1) A strange woman with dodgy post-op transexual breasts and teracotta orange skin. She is famous in the U.K for...um...well, nothing. She was also publicly excluded from Jade Goody's funeral and was divorced by Peter Andre.

2) A Chavvy woman who is trying to be glamourous, but ultimately fails and ends up looking even more trashy.

3) A young girl who mistakenly believes that slutty=mature.
Girl 1: Hey, did you see that twelve year old girl walk by with heels and makeup on?

Girl 2: I know! What a Katie Price!
by Dr Wilson's Chemo August 21, 2009
1.Super Hot British Model, once an average porn-nude cover girl, she gained popularity as she pumped her breasts to a bombastic 42 DD or something. This fact, plus her girly/sluty face and tasty legs, made her a Playboy Bunny. She wants to be a singer, but she really sucks in this field. Also known as Jordan, because she was in the Jordan Racing Team.
Ben: Have ya seen that Katie Price on the Playboy Celeb Special!?
Mark: Yeah, she´s so hot I´ve spilled almost a gallon last nite!
by Yo Daddy, bitch! February 11, 2005
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