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The most sweetest, kindest and cutest person you will ever meet. She's a Keeper & will all her love / trust to you.
She has beautiful eyes, and a personality you can't compare to. She's nice, smart and an all around great person. She's Funny and loves to have a Good time. But don't fuck with her , she's the worst enemy you could ever have !
Do you Know Kathya ? Well She's Amazing !
by ABCDE_x July 17, 2012
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The sexiest girl EVER.
Kathya was so hot, that Joey was totally horny when he looked at her!
by ilovekathya March 20, 2012
A very pretty girl who likes to have sex with boys named Dominic
Look Kathya is fucking Dominic again.
by Supporty October 18, 2008

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