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Kateums is the female human equivalence of mother earth. The name comes from the deserts in Africa. A small tribe called the Takamackalapaca's announced Katumes their queen and praised her as a God. She was said to of made the cannabis herb from her God-like powers. She is the sorceress for most awesomeness. The Takamackalapaca's thought us how to have a good time.
Guy1:"Whats up man, what you doing tonight?"

Guy2:"Aw man im ganna get so kateumesed"

Guy1:"No way i wanna get kateumesed"

Guy2:"You should totally come man, ganna get a fat sack of kateums, get seriously kateumesed and flake"
#weed #goddess #sorceress #cannabis #marijuana #maryjane #kateums
by Tinymadzer December 29, 2011
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