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Kataklysm, is a fucking awesome Death Metal band from Canada. Their recent albums have kicked more ass than Chuck Norris. Shadows and Dust, Serenity in Fire, and In the Arms of Devastation are awesome albums that any TRUE metal fan should take a look at.
Poser Metal fan "Dood! Liek, what's Kataklysm? Are they as brutal as Slipknot?"

Set "Slipknot couldn't hold a god damn candle to the greatness of this band. GTFO and go buy In the Arms of Devastation."
by Set Abominae March 15, 2007
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An awe-inspiring death metal band from Canada. Not brand new, but also not long-standing scene members, the band's sound is so full-on and complete that they have even invented a name for their style - Northern Hyperblast. They have never attained such recognition as (for example) fellow Canadians Cryptopsy, but the quality of albums such as In Shadows and Dust and The Prophecy suggest that maybe they should have.
"Kataklysm? Who are they?"
"Dude, if you like Morbid Angel, you're gonna fucking love Kataklysm!"
by sabdo February 08, 2004
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Kataklysm is an STD, it looks like orange colored bumbs and is known to ooze.
"We had sex and I caught Kataklysm"
"His Kataklysm was so bad half his dick fell off"
by Sally411911 January 02, 2008
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