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an ass of the goddesses, it is firm but yet soft to the touch, it makes any man's dick stand up as the grab it firmly, you will never want to touch any other ass if you ever get a chance to touch this one
"I touched Kat's ass the holy grail of asses"

"Dude after touching Kat's ass I'm never going to wash my hand again
by cough* November 17, 2004
340 86
Not quite a ba-dunk-a-dunk, but deffinately not a ba-dink-a-dink
S: Wow Kat's ass is a ba-dink-a-dink!
R: No way man! Kat has a great ba-dunk-a-dunk!
P: I think that it is right between the two.
by tigerlilly March 31, 2005
107 73