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The most adorable-est guy ever ! The guy that knows how to make any girl feel beauitful, loved, and happy. No matter what. The perfect guy, has the looks, personality, and everything else.
What every girl dreams of, he is a major BABE !

The smooth talker <3
The sweetheart, someone that nobody will ever want to lose, someone that can be in someones life for a long amount of time without any problems.

He doesn't only have the looks but he has everything else inside of him, he's honest loyal and caring. Nobody could ever compare to him, he is ONE IN A MILLION.<333
WOW, Kasen is amazing<3
by ashydaisy098 April 29, 2011
Super hot dude with a big cock
Girl: Yah I did it with Kasen yesterday and it was GREAT!
by Scam5 January 01, 2008
1.A huge lardass male with the tinyest cock, also enjoys taking anthonys in the ass, also anyone who enjoys a good drumstick or 2 up the bunghole

2. someone with major anger management issues, if you do the slightest thing he will throw various objects at you such as cell phones, or knives

3. any creature with a fat pouch

4. Any Dumb Simple minded creature that allows friends to break into his house while hes away, and they take a deuce in his toilet without flushing.

5. An all around terrible person

1.dude last night i accidentally pulled a kasen at the pool party.

2.Norio: Hey did you have fun with anthony yesterday

atokad: no, i hit him in the head with a frozen waffle and he flipped out and threw a knife at me.

Norio: ahh what a kasen !
by DJ Mc Gucci May 09, 2010
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