The most gorgeous girl ever.
Damn. Look at Karsen play dat trombone!
by lol. no. I hate names. November 14, 2011
Top Definition
a veryyyy sexay person, that enjoys having fun, and can give you fun too.

They're talents and personality traits include

Low Confidence
High Maintanced
Very Forgiving, Too Forgiving
They love being complimented, to boost confidence
They make very good partners aka Boyfriend Girlfriend
They are good kissers, and good at other things...
The Name Karsen is a Greek/Latin/Bhohemian meaning of the word Dramatic
They are very emotional at times
They are smoking hot, but they dont know it, so tell them.
They are AMAZING dancers
They are fabulous actors
And they are "One Of A Kind"
And they are VERY humorous
It can also be an adjective to describe these traits/Talents
Damn, she looks like a Karsen!
by Stephyyy88795 June 20, 2008
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