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Karlea is the kind of girl that can capture your heart with just her smile..she has beautiful eyes that seem to captivate you..she seems to be a small person but can be a little firecracker..she has the best sense of humor and can keep you laughing..she tends to be happy in any situation..when she says she loves you she genuinely means it..Karleas are big huggers..she believes the best in people which is probably why she is so easily let down by others..If you know a Karlea you should become her friend because she will never let you down..
by Lea-Ellen March 02, 2011
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A cool girl who you meet on Facebook who can dish out some kick-ass sarcasm. She has a dog named Kujo that ninja sneak attacks her all the time. She loves Peter Chao and hardcore digs Youtube videos, as long as they're not annoying. Karleas usually have twin sisters, but they're definitely the coolest of the siblings. Although Karleas love fishtacos and weiners, they are also sensitive when it comes to matters of the heart. A Facebook stalker at heart, she loves to call kids gay on her statuses. Oh and she trades the currency of "doll-hairs." U.S. Dollars are not cool enough for her. Lastly, she loves anyone named "Hector."
Broski 1 - "You see dat gurl over der?"

Dude 1 - "Yeah, mang. She be bouncin'."

Broski 1 - "She look like a Peter Chao fan, homeslice?"

Dude 1 - "Most def. Imma add her on Facebook. She's definitely a Karlea"
by Cute/Funny Hispanic kid June 13, 2010
FUCKING BITCH who thinks she has everyone's respect. When in all actuality they are laughing at how stupid and short she is. Not really an Italian.
A liar who dreams of leaving the country but will grow old with thousands of dogs surrounding her.

Wanna be 'chick' dancer
Ooh.. Look at that Karlea over there. Don't touch it! You'll get deathly ill!
by lizdfu;w3psor usf/\ows July 21, 2011

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