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Both a concept and a name, "Karisma" is that fiery ball of warmth in the room that everyone wishes to crowd around. She has a dope personality, and is one that all desire to meet and have an intellectual conversation with. The name, and the person, are both hard to forget; so it's not surprising that the person has a diverse multitude of friends.

A hybrid between the adjective "Karishma" --not to be confused with the noun, "karishma," defined by urban dictionary-- and the adjective "Charisma" (which describes Karisma pretty accurately), "Karisma" can be used as both a noun and an adjective for anything that is not typical or shallow.

It is also often said that "Karisma" can be derived from the Hindu god "Krishna," therefore making "Karisma" a female version of the god--a deity with innate superpowers, wisdom, and physical beauty!

1) You're presentation was great, but it lacked karisma. (adj.)

2) Karisma is fucking awesome! (n.)

by faeriefire20 March 10, 2009

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