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A Tumblr user who has changed my life permanently by his advice and everything he does. He believes that Tumblr is not a popularity contest and he would do anything to make everyone as happy with life as possible.
He's perfect, and I wish he'd see it.
Adam: "who's karemalhamad? her name is weird. do you know her?"
Kitty: "no!... he's a boy, i wish i'd meet him one day 'cause he's perfect"
Adam: "are you following him?"
Kitty: "since the beginning"
by imalwaysanon November 24, 2010
Meaning the king at anal pounding, also come from the infamous quote "Its a beautiful day........for anal"
"yeah I fucked that girl soo hard she called me Karem
by Coco Beware May 01, 2011
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