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verb: Taking attention away from someone; stealing another person's moment
Did you see him call the principal a ho? Man, he Kanye Wested her.
by ibedoinyourmom September 14, 2009
To have the attention taken away from a person's shinning moment.
Mark: "Did you hear what happened to Susan?"

Shawn: "What happened?"

Mark: "Her teacher was congratulating her and the principle jumped in and congratulated another student right in front of her."

Shawn: "Damn, sounds like she got Kanye Wested."
by Wanterito January 01, 2011
When you or someone you know becomes brokenhearted, usually by boyfriend or girlfriend.
"Man, my girl just left me."
"Damn, son, you just got KanYe Wested."
by MRBR April 18, 2009