1. only the greatest man on earth
2. having no ankles
3. the greatest man on earth with no ankles
4. the man who pimped your mother to create you
i AM kanks master flex
#kankles #kankels #kank #kanky #george bush is a faliure
by turd furgisin December 04, 2006
Fake people, also can be someone extremly shallow or bitchy
You know, people who are fake.
That person is so KANK, she talkes shit behind your back and loves you in person.
#fake #shallow #stupid #bitchy #false
by Ghost Man Mom December 26, 2006
hoocker,slut,or someone who lacks self control in there ways.
"Woah, she looks like a kank"
"She talks like a kank"
"your definetly a kank"
#hoocker #slut #gross #trashy #misleading
by kj122 January 07, 2008
Fuckin' it up
Damn, did you see him fall and kank his leg?

by B-ryan July 16, 2003
Some one with really bad hygene, an abreviation for chanker sore.
I can't belive that Joe is hangin wtih that Kank!
by ABK November 05, 2002
Semen, jizz, muck. See also kankface
The sclappherr was so rank she loved kank cocktails. And she wasn't averse to a bit of gipilepsy
by Trevor Coonan January 27, 2004
To stop, quit, or remove something. Also to get rid of something.
Do you want to keep running that commercial?

Nah, kank it.
#quit #stop #remove #throw away #end
by noneyuh November 10, 2007
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