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1.A guy with a huge penis, every blond girl loves a Kamran and usually will cheat on her boyfriend so they can experience him. 2. A successful Boy that all girls love.
Girl:" I had the best time last night"
Friend:" What did you do?"
Girl: " I was with Kamran!"
by Brittany Noftal June 08, 2010
kamran is a word of Urdu language which means "successful".
Normally used as a name for Males
Ahmad mushkil imteham main kamran hua
Ahmad became successful in the tough exam
by kaynoon February 07, 2010
the father of a lion cub.
Kamran is asad's daddy.
by Dr. Naimuddin September 10, 2006
A man with a forty foot long penis, who would kick ass in a boxing match, fathers a child named shaneequa
Shaneequa tripped over her father's, kamran, Penis
by pKGrsloppypenis December 23, 2010
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