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When one is such a fan of Tomas Kalnoky and puts him before Streetlight Manifesto, B.O.T.A.R., Catch 22, Gimp, and any other band, even so far as to refer to him as a god or as God, they have entered Kalnokyism. It is the intense fanaticism and worship of Tomas that trancends the ideology of the common fans and the fans of other musicians. Someone within the informally established church of Kalnokyism is a Kalnokyist. Most Kalnokyists talk about how "Tomas is a lyrical genious" and how "Catch 22 sucks now". I'll admit now that I am a fan of Mr. Kalnoky and his works, but am no Kalnokyist. Catch 22 is a great band, something else I'll admit even though I like Streetlight better. The fact of the matter is that most Kalnokyists are more than likely going to say that a recent performence of 9mm And A Three Piece Suit by Catch sucks, and I'll admit that it's not as good as it would have been 10 years ago, but they fail to realize that Catch is a different band now. Their other records are good. I now realize that I'm straying from what a Kalnokyist is. I'm also listening to the Catch 22 recording of the Keasbey Nights album, which any Kalnokyist will tell you sucks, but any sane fan will tell you "Has more soul" as my friend Tristan, a real fan, once said.

In closing, a Kalnokyist is crazy for Tommy K. and will defend him if you say something bad about him. But by defend, they'll most likely bitch at you for not thinking he's a god.
Someone says "Streetlight is gay"
Kalnokyist says "Tomas is better than u, u fag."
Notice how Someone didn't say anything bad about Tomas? Like the band more than the man. Stop the Kalnokyism, start the Streetlightism.
by Flameboy_silentbob July 24, 2008
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