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English slang word for Tomato Ketchup
*Damn, I spilled Tommy K everywhere
by DaveG217 May 20, 2006
Term meaning Tomato Ketchup/ Tomato Sauce
Pass the Tommy K, these chips are a bit dry
by Lozzachops May 13, 2006
Tommy K is a British singer and composer who is also known on youtube as AndromedasWake. He writes pop music and plays several instruments. He also writes soundtracks for his own videos on youtube. He is an atheist.

Sources: myspace.com/tommykonline
I was listening to Tommy K and my cat exploded!
by XstellarX February 02, 2009
A person who frequently masturbates to give themself blue balls just so they can get oral from a girl. The girl's name usually starts with the letter "K".
Tommy K just gave himself blue balls so that girl will give him oral
by Madhatter'11 February 20, 2009