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A beautiful woman who is smart, responsible, and loving to all.
When Eminem said there aint no such thing as a female with good looks who cooks and cleans, he didn't know of my Kalina.
by JKLMNOPQRSTUVW December 02, 2009
Someone who is random, funny, smart, and someone who has a very funny laugh. She is someone who you need to get to know first. She is also very smart and someone who you can count on! :)
Wow, I didn't know how random Kalina was until I met her!
by misffitt February 13, 2010
The sexiest beast alive. So hot she puts all other girls to shame. Everone is jealous of her, all the boys like her but she is faithful to her boyfriend. Many girls call her a slut, whore, etc, but she finds it amusing. In no way is she any of those words. She takes no shit from anybody, and speaks her mind. People think shes a good girl, but they haven't seen her wild side. Kalina can be such a badass, but she hides it well.
Girl; Is that Kalina? Omg, what a slut.
Boy; Oh good god, its Kalina! She's such a babe.
by TheTruth.. February 19, 2011
A grade A bitch
Kid 1: Did you see that bitch over there?
Kid 2: Yeah she is totally a Kalina
by Softball_is_my_life77 December 17, 2013
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