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Amazingly amazing person.Shy at first but if you try she will warm up to you.Curly brown hair with beautiful hazel eyes.You will love her.Shes great with kids and sometimes has a sense of humor.Like to play Zombies on COD but sucks if people are watching.(Especially if her boyfriend is watching).Most of her friends are guys,Has 1 or 2 close friends that are girls.Amazing send of style.Likes to be in comfy clothes.If asked to dress up she will go all the way.She also sucks a math,But tries her best.Oh,And she is very clumsy,Will trip on air.
Boy 1: oh...Wow that girl is smokin hot!

Boy 2: She must be a kaliegh!
by Kalieghorrangie May 24, 2014
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That psychopath whose bag hit you on your up the stairs. She randomly smiled hi and then proceeded to fall down the damn stairs.
In a corner where the sun shouldn't shine, you will find one Kaliegh smiling her ass off.
by ItisIGirlie February 04, 2010

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