An Evil Bastard; likes drugs
If you see someone walking with a spacecake in his hand, you can call him Kakihara.
by pwner December 03, 2003
Top Definition
A fictional Sado-Masochist from the film Ichi the Killer. Played by the brilliant Tadanobu Asano, it's this character that gave Ichi the Killer it's edge. Kakihara is a young gangster who likes to hurt himself and has odd facial scarring. He goes in pursuit of his dead boss and lover, Anjo, but along the way adopts the gang and tries to get Ichi to kill him. He also has creepy twin friends who engage in s+m with him.

Believe me, it's one badass character.
Kakihara cuts off the tip of his tongue, and get this, for pretty much just shits and giggles.
by toee May 05, 2006
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