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A cute smart non average but in a good way type of girl.she like long walks on the beach especially at night ;].She loves stuff :D.And shes cool like that.ILOVEKAILENE.She loves animals. mostley penguins and whales and,purple,white,and teal are her colors ;].thats mostly whats up home skillet buiscut hahaha.
Kailene :D!
by arjhay :] <3 June 25, 2009
Kailene is a name given to the most wonderful, beautiful, smart, funny, just all around perfect girl. She brightens everyone's day with just her smile & laugh. She gives you the motivation that you need to get through your day. She is the person that will make your heart pound uncontrollably. If you ever get ahold of a "Kailene", never let her go
Guy 1: "Damn! I see you got a Kailene!"

Guy 2: "Yeah! She's perfect"
by ThatOneGuy6423 December 21, 2013

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