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A Kaileen is usually a girl, a girl of great beauty. She is unique and follows the beat of her own drum. Usually darker in skin tone a shorter in height.
Whoa, that girl has great outfits. I've never seen anybody like her! She's such a Kaileen.
by muscles1993 September 21, 2010
a super sweat,beautiful and understanding girl she always has a smile and knows how to make a guys day.
I'm going to talk to Kaileen
by v8lb1069 August 17, 2014
a kaileen is some one that is extremely good at all video games no mater what type or console. he also is a nerd in almost all aspects of life. but to add to this he has a SHLONG.
e.g 1
person 1: hey, you see that nerd over there?
person 2: yeh, why?
person 1: emma says he has a huge shlong.
person 2: he must be a kaileen.

e.g 2
person 1: dude, that guy has a K.D.R of 36!
person 2: yeh man! he must be a kaileen.
by 123qweasdzxc February 10, 2010
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