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to thwart one's plans, bugger up, jinx, render not-on by foolish actions.
Geoff put the kaibosh on the timely delivery of his new blue Audi S5 by tying it to a win by the NSW Blues. A blue car for a blue win, he said unwisely.
by John_of_BrisVegas May 23, 2010
5 13
To be thwarted, or have your plans ruined, by someone or by circumstance.
Rainy days put the kaibosh on picnics.
My vacation was kaiboshed when my car broke down.
by Robert Bellemare May 13, 2005
239 132
to put an end to, kill
He is going to put the kaibosh on me.
by Kenn Kasparek May 16, 2005
66 21
From Merriam-Webster:

Definition of KIBOSH
: something that serves as a check or stop <put the kibosh on that>
— kibosh transitive verb
Origin of KIBOSH
origin unknown
First Known Use: 1836
Let's put the "kaibosh" on these idiots spelling kibosh wrong
by bdcs November 29, 2010
12 5
to forget about, cancel,
I put the kaibosh on my plans to go to the movies
by Natasha November 25, 2003
41 45