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KYPHS means...(Keep your pimp hand strong). You know, you gotta keep your pimp hand strong when the ho doesn't pay up. Remember KYPHS if you're a pimp and the ho doesn't pay up.
God damnit Milena! You didn't pay up!*SMACK* BITCH! That's right, I remembered KYPHS! Thanks Tom!
1. The area between a man's ballsack and his thigh.

2. A substitute for words such as idiot, moron, douchebag, etc.
1. "Dude, this speedo is really chafing my kyph!"

2. "What the hell, Tom? Don't be such a kyph!"
by Mr. Mansir December 02, 2008
Kyph- N.- Kyphs are the canyon-like areas between a man's scrotum ane his inner thigh
1. I need lotion for my chafing kyphs.

2. Dude don't be such a Kyph!
by Kypharius December 05, 2008
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