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Keen To Root

The acronym KTR is essentially the aussie version of DTF. Its origin can be traced to the City of Brisbane. DTF is still used in much of Australia also, but the term KTR is gaining much popularity in the Australian public as aussies are more comfortable using the colloquial term "Root" instead of the word sex.
Person 1: Hey mate, I got two chicks coming back to the unit.. I need your help with her mate.
Person 2: Is she good?
Person 1: She's alright dude, but she is KTR!!!.
Person 2: Hahahaha no wozzas I'm leaving the club now! yewww!
by Bidsy7 August 02, 2011
KTR stands for "kissing the roof" this refers to the term whenever you see a yellow car you must kiss your hand and hit the roof of your car. You must also kiss your hand and hit the roof of your car if you pass under a yellow light or see a car with one of the lights out.
I tired to hit a KTR on the way to school but Lauren beat me to it.

I saw a yellow car so i quickly did a KTR.
by MADDIEMissBLONDIE October 20, 2011

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