A Canadian rapper/singer/songwriter/producer, whose given name is Kevin Brereton. His stage name is pronounced /ˈkeɪ.ɒs/ "chaos," and the letters stand for "Knowledge of Self," although he has stated in interviews that the letters originally stood for "Kevin's Original Sound." Unlike many mainstream hip-hop artists, k-os generally does not focus on violence and sexual bravado, but rather introspective lyrics, love, and spirituality. While he still sometimes mentions the streets, he does so in a more philosophical, reflective way. Some of his best known songs include "Superstarr, Pt. Zero," "I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman," and "Crabbuckit."
Club DJ: Now we gonna play a joint from k-os, called "Superstarr, Part Zero!"
Club Kid: Huh? Who the hell is "chaos"?
by DireClown July 17, 2011
Top Definition
Kos means female pussy in Persian/Farsi language. This word has extensive applications in variety of forms, similar to the word "fuck" in English literature. Such as: Koskhol, kos-e-sher, kosoo, kos lis, koskesh, kosdeh, kos-baghali, kosde, khar-kosde, kose-nanat, kose-abjit, kos-bazi, etc
Afshin, eyk kos lis! Baz dobare omadi inja kos-bazi? Bas kon in kos-e-sher haro!!
by Sassan August 29, 2007
Kill On Sight

If someone is KOS that means you devour them right when you see them no questions asked.
Level 126: "Sorry kid but your clan is KOS so I've got to kill you."
Noob: "But I just want to play the game man, come on I'm almost done with this quest..."
by Angry Salamander October 26, 2005
IMO and in many, the best Canadian rapper. Breaking away from the treachery of commercial hip hop and money making artistry, he excels the art to a form that is most earthly, and real. He can bring heavy NY sounding hip hop in one track, then soulful guitar (played by him) blues in another. A true artist in a world of few.
Joyful Rebellion
(His two albums)
by LibD March 18, 2005
informal,noun,means cunt in persian language.
1 A pretty woman.
2 Nonsense,rubbish.
1 Look at that pretty girl,she's such a kos.
2 Hey man,don't said kos anymore!
by Mamrez Erfani April 19, 2008
means pussy in persian.
dude, check her out, what a kos!
by Roozbeh June 05, 2005
Kill(ed) on sight. Used for a person/group of persons who are banned from an area. If this ban is broken, they will be killed on sight.
U're on KOS. If u ever come here again u will be killed on sight.
by Mau July 14, 2005
Kill On Sight. From games such as World of Warcraft, etc. Means basically marked for death just by showing your face.
Damn, they KOS'd me!
Look out, I think we're KOS!
by offkilter March 23, 2005
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