A group of online TeamSpeak hackers who professionally go around and destroy gamers TS's. Many of these people are young kids and older immature adults. From pictures seen of them they are mostly comprised of gothics and fat people. (no offence)

In this definition I will give you the #1 way to avoid being caught in the -k0s- trap.

They have 1 signature move that catches any non-exploiter educated person off gaurd. They have modified there TS (which directly routes to yours) to have the ban button give them SA (server admins). But that is the start, it's how they get you to ban them is the part many people don't expect. They somehow have embedded in the coding when they login that they are registered and already have SA. But don't fear, they don't. This is just a ploy to get you to right click there name and ban them.

How to stop the goons: First thing is education. You need to know what to do when the occasion happens. The number one method of securing yourself is to put a password on your TS and make EVERY channel moderated so they must require Voice Rights to talk. Better yet, have all channels except lobby password protected so they can't move around. And the last thing is to make the room allowed in lobby low so they can' spam logins.

I can guarantee the only true way to get rid of one is to ignore them, let them have there fun in the lobby. The second (and not tested fully) method is to right click there name and hit "G" and write there IP down and then add them to the ban list manually. But this is not tested, as far as we know right clicking there name all together gives them SA so be warned.

Now on to what to expect if they do break through. The number one thing to expect is that you won't be able to stop them. They have macros that will create logins with SA as soon as they get the SA they needs. Once that happens the first person (a scout) will be joined by at least 6 others. They will threaten you with "shutting down your internet" or "hacking your computer" but don't worry, there not true hackers. They only have a couple macros, code exploits and that’s it. They RELY on you messing up and giving them what they need. Also once they get in you might as well send in a support ticket asking to restart your TS. They will flood it with 1000+ plus channels making it impossible to log on.

Best advice of what to do if they get in is to go ahead and leave. Remember there just doing it for fun/attention. And by ignoring them they will get frustrated. And talking back to them is impossible since once you hit there sore spot they take your Voice Rights away and spam you.

-k0s are some kidz (that think that they are the only ones that need to use teamspeak and no one else but them!) However they keep pranking people and laughing on them, while the police or who ever incharge dont even bother to help us people that use teamspeak servers! Read the Use of an expert example below; (if still keeps going on i think some one needs to hire more of them rednecks around :P )
One of my mates (who doesnt wish to state his name) recently had a big issue with the so called 'g00ns' he was on the g00ns irc channel and somehow his mobile number appeared and they called him (dont ask me how!) and then g00ns contacted the school of this guy and said that he is trying to breach the securtiy of the school servers and hack them! Police has been involved and everything is currently a pain for that lad! His parents think that he is actually hacking but to me the g00ns are the ones that need to be stopped by government officials! PLEASE BE WARNED DONT GO ON THEIR SITE ( THEY GET YOUR IP EASILY) DOH!
kos are 1337
by Security168 May 02, 2009
Top Definition
Kos means female pussy in Persian/Farsi language. This word has extensive applications in variety of forms, similar to the word "fuck" in English literature. Such as: Koskhol, kos-e-sher, kosoo, kos lis, koskesh, kosdeh, kos-baghali, kosde, khar-kosde, kose-nanat, kose-abjit, kos-bazi, etc
Afshin, eyk kos lis! Baz dobare omadi inja kos-bazi? Bas kon in kos-e-sher haro!!
by Sassan August 29, 2007
Kill On Sight

If someone is KOS that means you devour them right when you see them no questions asked.
Level 126: "Sorry kid but your clan is KOS so I've got to kill you."
Noob: "But I just want to play the game man, come on I'm almost done with this quest..."
by Angry Salamander October 26, 2005
IMO and in many, the best Canadian rapper. Breaking away from the treachery of commercial hip hop and money making artistry, he excels the art to a form that is most earthly, and real. He can bring heavy NY sounding hip hop in one track, then soulful guitar (played by him) blues in another. A true artist in a world of few.
Joyful Rebellion
(His two albums)
by LibD March 18, 2005
informal,noun,means cunt in persian language.
1 A pretty woman.
2 Nonsense,rubbish.
1 Look at that pretty girl,she's such a kos.
2 Hey man,don't said kos anymore!
by Mamrez Erfani April 19, 2008
Kill(ed) on sight. Used for a person/group of persons who are banned from an area. If this ban is broken, they will be killed on sight.
U're on KOS. If u ever come here again u will be killed on sight.
by Mau July 14, 2005
Kill On Sight. From games such as World of Warcraft, etc. Means basically marked for death just by showing your face.
Damn, they KOS'd me!
Look out, I think we're KOS!
by offkilter March 23, 2005
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