Kein Mehrheit Furh Die Mitleid which is German for "No Pity for the Majority."

The best band ever; The best band to see live.

Currently composed of: Sascha Konietzko (The Käpt'n), Raymond Watts, Lucia Cifarelli, Jules Hodgson, Andy Selway.
KMFDM is the greatest band to walk the face of the Earth.
by MissIndustrial April 16, 2004
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Kein Mehrheit Furh Die Mitleid = No Pity for the Majority.
The Fathers of industrial rock who are still better than the best.
KMFDM is a drug against war!
by TheManTheMythTheLegend November 11, 2003
An industrial/rock band of German origin.

The acronym itself is said to have 1001 meanings.
Kein Mitleid fur die Mehreit; No Pity for the Masses/No Compassion for the Majority

Keine macht fur Dich mehr; Noone does more for you
by Shamsael September 29, 2003
An awesome band

Kein Mehrheit Furh Die Mitleid = No mercy for the masses
person 1: What are you listening to?
person 2: KMFDM!
by kit killjoy August 04, 2009
Kill Mother Fucking Depeche Mode
80's definition of the above mentioned acronymn.
Dude, did you listen to the KMFDM album yet?

Yea, my girlfriend got pissed and put on "Personal Jesus" as revenge.
by Seraosha June 09, 2005
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